Who is Olympic Therapeutics and what is our research and development focus?

For years, we have been researching the treatment of complicated fungal diseases and have successfully started to develop appropriate drugs for the treatment of fungal infections.

In order to bring our previous research results and the associated drugs to market, Olympic Therapeutics AG was founded by researchers and a global team of well experienced Managers in Switzerland, one of the most innovative country in Pharma Business.

We invite you to accompany us and our work on the way to market readiness.


Fungal Sepsis

Sepsis: Immune Response (Immune over-response) to infection that

causes injury to tissues and organs:

  • $24 billion added costs/yr
  • 40% of patients with severe sepsis do not survive
  • 50% of survivors suffer post-sepsis syndrome


The most costly and life-threatening Fungemic condition.

Fungemia: The presence of fungi in the blood:

  • 70% incited by C albicans
  • 10% incited by C glabrata
  • C auris is an emerging multidrug-resistant yeast that causes invasive and fungemic infections associated with high mortality
  • Incited also by Saccharomyces, Aspergillus and Cryptococcus spp

Olympic is targeting resistant, invasive, opportunistic, life-threatening mycoses in immunocompromised persons, such as persons with weakened immunity, including AIDS, cancer and transplant patients, plus persons with inherited diseases that affect immunity.


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Picture: Carsten Juenger, Pixelio.de