Product/Market Objective:

  • Olympic has access to a chemistry with known antimycotic activity in multiple derivatives, analogues and formulations
  • Olympic has access to an immune-modulating chemistry with known favorable activity as an adjuvant for use with antimicrobial drugs
  • Olympic is capturing core Intellectual Property surrounding novel combinations of the antimycotic chemistry and the immune-modulating adjuvant, providing a new class of antimycotic drug intended to address substantial global markets
  • Olympic will synthesize the core Antimycotic Drug(s) and the Immune-Modulating Drug(s) with the intent to formulate and test novel Antimycotic Product Candidates
  • Olympic will screen the resulting Antimycotic Product Candidates against an array of fungal infectious agents for antimycotic activity and for the emergence of resistance
  • Olympic will engage a Manufacturing Contract Research Organization (Manufacturing CRO) to produce Near Current Good Manufacturing Practices (Near cGMP) lots of the resulting Antimycotic Product Candidate Active Ingredient and the Immune-Modulating Adjuvant Active Ingredient for use in formulations, screening and preclinical studies under Current Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP) guidelines
  • Elucidation of the Mechanism of Action and subsequent Reduction to Practice will generate a stream of new Intellectual Property intended to validate the New Class of Antimycotic Drugs


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Picture: Carsten Juenger,